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Get your off-road ride tracking straight and true at home with our wheel alignment plates.



  • Made from high quality 1/8" plate steel
  • Available raw or powdercoated black
  • Made right here in our facility in eastern North Carolina!


Available Bolt Patterns:

  • 4x110
  • 4x115
  • 4x137
  • 4x156


How to Use:

  • Unbolt both front wheels
  • Bolt alignment plates to wheel hub using factory lug nuts
  • Loosen tie rod jam nuts
  • Measure from front of plate on one side to front of plate on the alternate side
  • Repeat for rear of plate
  • Adjust tie rods to desired toe spec



  • Price is PER PAIR
  • Alternate color options available upon request
  • If you have any fitment questions, please give us a call: 910-915-9436

ATV/ SXS Wheel Alignment Plates

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