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The king is here! The KG1 FORGED LEGEND SERIES offers detailed designs in bold sizes featuring a FLAT FACE maximizing the outboard lip.


Available Sizes:

  • 22x12
  • 22x14
  • 24x10
  • 24x12
  • 24x14
  • 26x10
  • 26x12
  • 26x14
  • 26x16

Contact us for 28" and 30" wheel sizes!


Offset by size:

  • 22x12: -44mm
  • 22x14: -76mm
  • 24x10: -18mm
  • 24x12: -44mm
  • 24x14: -76mm
  • 26x10: -18mm
  • 26x14: -76mm
  • 26x16: -101mm


Note: Wheels are sold individually, for a full set order four wheels.


For any questions regarding specific stock numbers, finish options, or bolt patterns, Give us a call: 910-915-9436


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